Pizza Oven Gas Regulator Has High Security

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Jumbo Low Pressure Regulator Type C21 2531CS-0082.

Fixing and Operating instruction.

Inlet Connection: 35mm click on (G56)
Outlet Connection: Hose nozzle or thread (printed on the body)
Capacity: 1.5 kg/h for Butane/Propane/any mixture of them (LPG)
Outlet Pressure: 28~30mbar

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Safety Advice

● Before fixing the regulator on the LP gas cylinder valve, Read the instruction carefully.

● The regulator is designed for using with Propane/Butane/ or any mixture of these gas types.

● In normal conditions of use, in order to ensure a correct operating of the installation, it is recommended that this regulator is changed within 10 years of the date of production.

● When the regulator is to be used outdoors, it shall be positioned or protected against direct penetration by any strickling water.

● Make sure that the consumer seal on the valve is in good condition.

● Do not move the cylinder during the operation.

● Also take into consideration of your regional standards and rules.

● Make sure that tall taps and appliances are turned off.

● Do not change the LP gas cylinders in the presence of open lights and flames.

● Use LP gas cylinders in upright position only.

● Make sure that the installed flexible gas tubing is still in good condition and not more than 3 years old.

1. Before connecting the regulator on the cylinder valve, turn the switch to off position.(the flame is marked with X).

Safety Advice2

2. And place the regulator on the cylinder valve.

Safety Advice1

3. Push the bottom ring strongly down. There will be a clear click. Hold the regulator in both hands. Lift the bottom ring.

Safety Advice3

4. Make sure that the regulator is properly fixed on the valve. Try to pull the regulator upwards. If the regulator comes off the valve, please repeat the step 2 and 3.

Safety Advice4

5. To operate the regulator, turn the switch to the “ON" position. (the flame is upwards). Always turn the switch to "off" position after use.

Safety Advice6

6. To disconnect the regulator from the cylinder valve, turn the switch to "Off" position. Then lift the bottom ring and remove the regulator.

Safety Advice5

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